Tuesday, 31 May 2011

i miss him so badly ;( ( in memory)

i miss you biy.i ade buad something bad ke biy? nape hilang tewos mcm ni biy? you know that im really miss you biy.seriously,im really mean it biy.its already 11 days u re missing.DAMN! please dont do this to me biy.im lost without you.biy lupa kat i ke? nape ta text or call me biy? im waiting for you biy.now,there is no one who said love you to me every single day and time.i miss all that biy.my friends told me that maybe u dont need me anymore.omg,i dont that thing happen to me.Biy,please.dont be like this.imy like a hell biy.i dont know why i being like this.im lost,im dying without you sayang.im crying all day because of you.dont you relized that i love you TOO much! i dont have any good mood now.


  1. kak qiss ~ jgn la nanges ... 0wkey ???
    try la c0ntact dye ? mybe dye bz ke ?
    akak xdew n0 fmily dye ? kwn2 dye ke ?
    try la tnye .... 0wkey ??

  2. dye tde hp syg.akk ade number mama dye je yunk.bu akk takot na call mama dye.nnty mama dye pkey akk ni sape plak.seriously,akk rasa dah give up ngn dye ;(