Thursday, 9 June 2011

Happy One Month Anniversary ;) ( in memory)

eppy one month anniversary bie.still remember this date? even still one month month , its just like one year bie. i love you and always love you.even lately ni we have too many probs but then we are still together. im miss you,and im really mean it.
actually there is many thing that i want you to know.
i miss you so badly. i miss you when you sing at me.when you laugh at me.hope we can meet ;) aku sayang kau la bodoh !
please,jgn na gedik2 cam sotong kurita yee kt luar uh. buad muke berok taw,bia tade sape na usha bie;)
love you bitak sayang !


  1. oke fine . satu karung doa panjang jodoh utk both you :)