Sunday, 5 June 2011

im confused bout you!

you have changed a lot syg.i dont know why.nape buad bby tetunggu2 mcm nie? you said that you love me.bila bby buhsan,borak ngn kawan,biy pkey bby ckp ngn owg laen.bby tawu biy jeles,and i know u still love me thats why biy mcm uh.but now,after biy da muncul balek,u spend a lot of time with you friends,with your own life.bby? susah sgt kte na berhubung.if text pown,tak sampai 1 jam,biy dah sebok buad hal laen.its okay,bby tak kesah.bile biy ckp na text bby,bby tunggu.tak kesah la sampai pagy buta pon.but then,mcm sia2 je.seriously sedih ;(

you know that i miss you.please jgn buad owg mcm nie.penat sangat sangat.terlampau penat bby.i want my old zul fazrul back! yg selalu ade ngn bby.yg selalu buad bby eppy,yg selalu teman bby.i mis you so much biy ;(

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