Thursday, 28 July 2011

Love Is A Losing Game ;'(

It’s a lie, it’s a lie
We can’t end like this
Come back to me again, please come back to me
I can’t believe the fact that you are leaving me
 No matter what I say to you right now,
It’s going to have no effect whatsoever
This isn’t right, this isn’t right
I can’t trust this fact
 This is all a lie, not the truth
I can’t believe it any longer
I will tell you many times to come back to me
This is all just a lie
 Now you are no longer next to me
That is the truth, I don’t want to believe it
Come back to me, even if I say this many times
All of this just has to be a lie right now
My mind knows, but my heart says that it can’t get accustommed to it
The urge to protect you comes to me without me knowing, it also seems like my clinging
This situattion that fell on top of my head randomly
I can no longer handle it
If I can’t empty you, I will try to fill it up again
I will rewrite the story of you and I

p / s : im still loving you.k byebye ;'(

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Having Fun With Them ;)

Jyeahhh,few days ni im always having fun with my friends.After many prob come to me day by day. So now,im just want to chillex my own life. Btw,yesterday after im done with my class,my bro sham pick up me and we go for leparking ;) Actually that was the first time im meet him.HAHA,funny okeyh;) We just go to Sacc and im having my lunch at there.
Its funny when my bro sham talk non stop.He's okay meyh! Then we go to continue our leparking at extreampark until 6 o clock! hahahaha,superb tired but we having fun meyh.

For my bro sham,thnx for yesterday okey;) im really appriciate it meyh! nex time we will go out again okey meyh.Btw,thanx for the bracelet yeahh.I will take care of it nicely baby!
For tomorrow i will spend my time with my baby zalikha and fyza govagova! hahaha,superb baby ;)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

you take my heart,but please dont break it ;'(

Dont know why,but i think you have changes alot. its okey,i will be okay. but then you must know that im really miss you ;'( im trust you ,please dont betrayed it. dont know why im crying without any reason.yeahhh,but im still fine. i give you my heart,dont killed it.
if you have any probs,just tell me. who am i in your life? you know that im caring bout you.
i miss the way you talk to me,the way you smile at me,the time when we laugh together.
im really appreaciate it when you say that you love me just the way i are.  if you read this,you know that this entry is just for you. i dont want anything else,i just want you.FULLSTOP!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Becoming a UNISEL STUDENT ;)

TIRED LOL. Hey my baby blog,sorry yaw.Few days ni busy with orientasi sahaja meyh.Online mukabuku,update blog sume benda alah ta sempat.Kuar umah pagy2 buta,then balik pun mlm buta2.So aku teramatlah penat untuk buad benda alah ni semua.Almaklumlah,au tak stay kt hostel.Ulang alek dari rumah jew.Naseb baek dekat je fuhhh=="

First time pegy daftar kat sana,macam2 orang aku jumpa.Seriously rasa cam nervous system aku na tercabut.HAHA;) yelah,even aku ni mmg asal dari S.ALAM pun,tadelah se HOT cm diorunk sume.First Day orientasi,aku sowang2 je bai.nak carik kawan bawu ni mmg payah.Tak tawu lah sbb ape.then tetibe leh terjumpe member skolah lame.yebaaa yebaaa! Ade la jugak mmber.Then second day orientasi,ade lagy jmpe budak bawu.okay lah.sama perangai ngn aku.HAHA,aku pgil dye TODAK . cumeyl kan cumeyl kan.hikhik =)

Too many activities,so its hard na curik2 masa na rehat.Aku dpt rehat pun time dgr tazkirah semayang maghrib.mmg time uh lah dapat beguling2.hahaha,joke jelah ==" First time ingat orientasi ni mesty buhsan but then laen doh.Superb ouh! Penat pun penat,best pun best ;) Rindu nak menggila ngn diorunk.Aku ambek kos bsness managment.No members lagy.sbb mmber aku yg laen ambek medical lab ==" Takpe,slow2 nnty dpt lah mmber ;)

Cte psl mlm tady,dont know why,aku tetibe sedih gile.Banyak sgt benda aku pkey. Rasa cam owg bodoh je dah.Then abg zaha call.fuhh,naseb baek ade dye. even dye lagy gila2 daripada aku,but dye byk bgy nasihat kat aku.Actually dye da mcm abg akuh dah.Ramai minat dye,cume dye ni pelik sikit,mls na pkey psl sume benda uh.mlas lah na tayang muka dye kat sini.nnty dye kembang plak.hahaha ;) adek syg abg lah! thanx sbb temankan adek mlm tady.daripada nanges gila2 tewos gelak cam owg ta betul.hekhek ;)

Okay,aku still penat lagy doh.Next week da start class.haihh,camne nieyh.takowt seyh.ntah ape la yg jadi.tgok subject uh pun susa2 je.adoiyai==" enough for today yew.nnty ade benda ,aku update lagy panjang2 aww.HAHA ;)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hey hey you you,hahaha.asal tajuk entry aku camtuh? HAHA,kesengalan melanda diri.Nothing actually.just na update entry pasal dua orang budak techik ne yaw ;) Mereka just kawan aku sahaja.Tak lebih tak kurang doh.Diorunk banyak bagy advise kat aku when im rally need someone lepas ape yang dah jadi kat aku few days ago.Meyh meyh,aku tunjuk picca diorunk nie ;)

Muhammad Luqman
HAHA,ni teddy mushie2 aku yaw.
gile2 pale dye,dye pun ad la bgy bgy advise kat aku jugak ;)
thanks a lot eyh kawan.
err errr,dye ramai peminat.
hekhek,kan mushie kannn.
its good to have a very omel2 friend just like you ;)

picture of him


thanx mushie mushie ;)


Muhd Syahran a k a Kimi
hekhek,ni pun mmber aku jugak!
perangai cm budak2 ouh.
syg kau jugak tawu.
dye ni pun sama jugak,ramai peminat.
haiyakkk ;)
thnx sbb jadi mmber gua.haha

picca of him

thanx sgt2 kat korunk taw ;)

Friday, 1 July 2011

Gudbye June,Welcome July ;)

Oh oh oh,byebye June. Welcome July ;) Too many memories in June.Please,i want to erase all the memories that hurt my feeling.Please go away and dont even come back to me.
Im proud to be single lady,jyeahh ;) its okey baby.Im still young and start from this month im just busy with my study.HOHO,i will be the UNISEL STUDENT lol;)

From now on,i dont want to think about love love again.SEMAK ;) This is still me,but mybe i will be different person before this.NO nerdy2 QISTINA  yaw. Thanks to all my baby friends who always support me from behind.MUHAMMAD LUQMAN,nama anda pun tersenarai ye.HEHE,he's my teddy omel2.First GUY who give an advise to me when im really stress bout THAT person! ngeh3,sayang awak la teddy ;)

okey,aku da buhsan gile.(actly da ta tawu na membebel ape kt entry nieyh) HAHA;)
2JULY,my ayah befday,hukhuk dah 50 dah ayah eyh;) sorry ina ta tawu ape na bgy kat ayah.
tapy insyallah,bila ina da start belajar kt sane,i will do the best for you ayah and also for you mama ;) ILOVE YOU banyak lah! MUAHX!