Friday, 1 July 2011

Gudbye June,Welcome July ;)

Oh oh oh,byebye June. Welcome July ;) Too many memories in June.Please,i want to erase all the memories that hurt my feeling.Please go away and dont even come back to me.
Im proud to be single lady,jyeahh ;) its okey baby.Im still young and start from this month im just busy with my study.HOHO,i will be the UNISEL STUDENT lol;)

From now on,i dont want to think about love love again.SEMAK ;) This is still me,but mybe i will be different person before this.NO nerdy2 QISTINA  yaw. Thanks to all my baby friends who always support me from behind.MUHAMMAD LUQMAN,nama anda pun tersenarai ye.HEHE,he's my teddy omel2.First GUY who give an advise to me when im really stress bout THAT person! ngeh3,sayang awak la teddy ;)

okey,aku da buhsan gile.(actly da ta tawu na membebel ape kt entry nieyh) HAHA;)
2JULY,my ayah befday,hukhuk dah 50 dah ayah eyh;) sorry ina ta tawu ape na bgy kat ayah.
tapy insyallah,bila ina da start belajar kt sane,i will do the best for you ayah and also for you mama ;) ILOVE YOU banyak lah! MUAHX!

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