Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Having Fun With Them ;)

Jyeahhh,few days ni im always having fun with my friends.After many prob come to me day by day. So now,im just want to chillex my own life. Btw,yesterday after im done with my class,my bro sham pick up me and we go for leparking ;) Actually that was the first time im meet him.HAHA,funny okeyh;) We just go to Sacc and im having my lunch at there.
Its funny when my bro sham talk non stop.He's okay meyh! Then we go to continue our leparking at extreampark until 6 o clock! hahahaha,superb tired but we having fun meyh.

For my bro sham,thnx for yesterday okey;) im really appriciate it meyh! nex time we will go out again okey meyh.Btw,thanx for the bracelet yeahh.I will take care of it nicely baby!
For tomorrow i will spend my time with my baby zalikha and fyza govagova! hahaha,superb baby ;)

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