Wednesday, 20 July 2011

you take my heart,but please dont break it ;'(

Dont know why,but i think you have changes alot. its okey,i will be okay. but then you must know that im really miss you ;'( im trust you ,please dont betrayed it. dont know why im crying without any reason.yeahhh,but im still fine. i give you my heart,dont killed it.
if you have any probs,just tell me. who am i in your life? you know that im caring bout you.
i miss the way you talk to me,the way you smile at me,the time when we laugh together.
im really appreaciate it when you say that you love me just the way i are.  if you read this,you know that this entry is just for you. i dont want anything else,i just want you.FULLSTOP!

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